Common Questions Criminal Defendants Need Answered

10 January 2018
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Mounting an effective legal defense against criminal charges can be an extremely complicated task. However, those that are facing harsh criminal penalties will find that they have no choice but to mount this type of defense. In order to be as effective as possible at this task, you should have a basic understanding concerning your right sand what to expect as you work your way through the criminal justice process.

Do You Have To Be Given The Chance To Post Bail?

Being able to post bail can be essential to allowing individuals to be free until their trial is complete and they are either convicted or acquitted. Unfortunately, having the opportunity to post bail is not something that every defendant will be able to do. In instances where the accused is charged with particularly violent or otherwise dangerous crime, they may have their right to post bail revoked. This can also be the case if the defendant has a history of fleeing.

How Does A Plea Bargain Work?

To avoid a lengthy and uncertain trial, there are many defendants that will find they are approached with a plea deal. Under this type of deal, the defendant will be required to plead guilty to lesser charges in exchange for avoiding the harsher penalties that can come with the more serious charges. Unfortunately, the terms surrounding these deals can be extremely complicated, and a defendant is unlikely to possess the type of expertise needed to weigh whether they are being approached with a fair and reasonable deal. Due to this, you should always run any potential plea deals by a criminal defense attorney as they will be able to let you know whether the deal is good given the facts surrounding your case.

What Is Needed To Use A Public Defender?

Retaining an attorney at the start of the criminal proceedings can be essential for being you the best chance of avoiding conviction. However, an attorney is a costly service to use, and some people may struggle with affording this representation. For these individuals, there are public defenders, but there are strict requirements in place for a person to qualify for this service. In particular, they will have to submit proof that they are unable to afford a private attorney. While a public defender may seem like a good way of avoiding the expenses of hiring a private attorney, these individuals are often overwhelmed by their caseloads, and this can lead to situations where they get very little face time with their clients. In contrast, a private attorney will be able to dedicate much more time to your case.

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